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Shadows & Light Exhibit

S&L Glickman Flyer

Looking at opposing values in a new light...or shadow

May 19, 2018 - August 26, 2018

7th Floor of USM Glickman Library

Friday, July 13th - Artists gathering 3pm - 5pm. Artists will be available to talk about their works and answer any questions.  

More information at: 207-233-5483


From exhibit curator, Peter Abate: 

The show includes art in a variety of mediums focusing on themes of shadow and light.  Shadow and light are invaluable in art; both help the eye distinguish forms, space, and distance.  Shadow and light are experienced in many ways, including the physical interactions perceived by the eye through light and in shadows cast and attached, by light which is the result of natural effects or artificial light sources.  Color interacts with light as a byproduct of the amount of reflected light on a particular object.  Interpretations of shadow and light also fall into the realm of the symbolic, religious, metaphysical, emotional and the abstract, experienced in unlimited ways during our daily lives.