Cutler Institute

A Continuing Study of the Long-Term Interactions between Humans and Climate Change in the North Atlantic

The second paper in a series reporting the results of eight years of work in the Shetland Islands, Scotland was published in the Journal of Coastal Research at the end of 2018. Matthew Bampton wrote this paper in collaboration with Joe Kelley, Alice Kelley, Lee Sorrell, (University of Maine) and Gerry Bigelow, (Bates College). The paper, "Evidence for a Former Transgressive Dune Field: Shetland Islands, United Kingdom" explores the long history of destructive storm events in one part of the United Kingdom. The effects of these storms on one community and its survival are documented in a third paper, "The Hyperlocal Geography of Climate Change Impacts: Long-Term Perspectives on Storm Survivability from the Shetland Islands" which was recently accepted for publication in the journal, Historical Geography. This most recent paper is another collaborative effort between Bampton, Joe Kelley, and Alice Kelley. Matthew Bampton and Alice Kelley are now preparing for an exploratory trip to Greenland in the summer of 2019 with a multidisciplinary group of researchers from the University of Maine and the University of Southern Maine.