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Best Paper of 2018 awarded to Karen Pearson and George Shaler for their work on Community Paramedicine

Karen Pearson & George Shaler’s article "Community Paramedicine Pilot Programs: Lessons From Maine" has been recognized as the Journal for Health and Human Service Administration (JHHSA)'s Best Paper, 2018. This award will be recognized at the annual meeting of the American Society for Public Administration in Washington, DC, March 8-12.

The article was the result of a state-funded project to examine the twelve community paramedicine pilot programs in Maine in 2015, compiling lessons learned from their initial implementation and data collection efforts to help inform future community paramedicine considerations in Maine. Pearson also undertook an in-depth look at one of the pilot programs, United Ambulance, to gain a better understanding of the data collection efforts needed to help meet their goals which included decreasing unnecessary EMS transports to the emergency department and collaborating with hospital partners to create a systematic approach to preventing 30-day readmissions for vulnerable patients.

This study was accepted for publication in JHHSA's 2017 symposium issue on community-based health care, and is available for download.