The Writing Center at USM's Lewiston-Auburn College

The Writing Center welcomes everyone in the USM community!
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Need a little extra help with math? Visit one of our pleasant math tutors. They're here for you!
The Writing Center staff are ready and willing to assist you with any stage of the writing process.
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Lorenzo the Rooster says..."Just Write!"
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The Writing Center is open to all members of the USM  community to consult on any type of writing at any stage of the process. We believe that all writing can benefit from a second set of eyes. Our staff of Writing Assistants is available to work one-to-one with you about your writing—whether it is a budding idea, a finished draft or anything in between.

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Summer at the Writing Center Face-to-face and online: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10AM-5PM Online only: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7PM-9PM
Visit a technology tutor for help with Excel, PowerPoint, Word, building a simple website, or creating a blog. Just go to and click on "Excel, PowerPoint and Word at LAC" to make an appointment.