Sustainability at USM

Sustainable Transportation

As fuel prices rise we are again reminded to find modes of transportation other than personal vehicles. Luckily these other forms of transport usually have more than just monetary benefits. For example, by riding your bike you not only cut down on fossil fuel use but you also burn enough calories to skip that afternoon trip to the gym while reducing air and noise pollution. It's a win-win-win!

The list below includes the alternative transport options that USM offers to staff and students. If you'd like to learn more or have a suggestion, please contact us.

Intercampus Shuttle Bus

Biking at USM

Walking at USM

USM Husky RideShare on Facebook

GoMaine Commuter Rideshare

GoMaine Single Trip Rideboard

USM Motorpool

METRO Bus - Schedule, Passes & Discounts


Custom Coach is the service provider for USM's intercampus shuttle and athletic team transportation      Intercampus Shuttle Bus

In a partnership with VIP of Portland, USM offers frequent express shuttle bus service between the Portland the Gorham campuses with occasional stops at the Maine Mall in South Portland. The bus picks up at Bailey Hall in Gorham and in front of Woodbury Campus Center in Portland and is free to any and all USM staff and students. The trip is 12 miles one-way and generally takes 30 minutes. Check out the shuttle bus schedule. To report any issues with the bus service please contact the USM Parking and Transportation Office at (207) 780-4718.


USM Portland utilizes Saris Post & Ring racks for some of their bike parking   Biking at USM

Currently the USM Facilities Management Team, Police Department, and the Bicycle Coalition of Maine are teaming up to increase bike accessibility and awareness on both the Gorham and the Portland campus. We aim to offer more and better bike storage as well as safer routes and less conflict between cars and bikes.

Now USM has its very own Cycle Club! Visit the site for events, rides, and updates.

The City of Portland has establish bike lanes on Forest Avenue, Bedford Street, and Brighton Avenue surrounding the Portland campus. Haven't been on a bike in a while but want to take advantage of the season? Check Bike Coalition of Maine's safety page to brush up on everything from helmet fit to rules of the road. 

Currently there are bike racks on the Portland campus and the Gorham campus (click links to see vehicle and bike parking maps). If you are a cyclist and have suggestions as to type or placement of additional bike storage racks, please contact us.

If you'd like to be involved in future bike activities such as social rides, technical workshops, or developing a bike share program please contact us.

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USM Skywalk    Walking at USM

On the hilly small-town Gorham campus pedestrians reign. Roads and parking lots have, in general, been moved to the periphery of campus to create a safer, quieter inner campus zone. Paved walkways, granite steps, and painted crosswalks provide comfortable and attractive paths crisscrossing campus. 

The Portland USM campus is an urban campus and experiences much greater car traffic volume. In order to ensure pedestrian safety there are multiple painted crosswalks accompanied by yellow flashing lights.  There is a heated skywalk that connects the parking garage and Abromson Center that increases pedestrian safety and comfort and improves vehicle traffic flow on bustling Bedford Street.

All three USM campuses are located close to businesses and parks that can be reached on foot or by bicyle. 

USM Husky Rides



'Like' the USM Husky Rides page on Facebook and post when you are looking for or offering rides. The more people who participate, the more likely it is that everyone will find a match! Sharing rides is great for saving money, reducing your personal carbon footprint and pollution, and meeting people. 


GoMaine Logo    GoMaine Commuter Rideshare

If you haven't already, check out GoMaine's amazing free resource for setting up a regular commute carpool. Even if you don't do the same trip every day the tool can match you up with folks along your route and includes many flexible options. You'll be surprised how many people commute from your town or area. Don't worry, your privacy is protected and you can select the people you want to contact within the database.

By carpooling even once a week YOU can make a dramatic environmental and financial impact. Give it a try and give your wallet a break!

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GoMaine Single Trip Rideboard    GoMaine Single Trip Rideboard

Driving to Bangor for the day? Need a ride to Augusta to go home for the weekend? Don't have a car but really want to get to Portsmouth for a show? GoMaine has just introduced a single-trip rideboard for those special occasions... and it's free! It takes just a moment to register and then all you have to do is enter your trip details and the Rideboard will match you up with folks traveling your way. Tell your friends!


Toyota Prius    USM Motorpool

Facilities Management maintains a five vehicle motorpool located next to 25 Bedford Street in Portland. There are two hybrid Priuses, a minivan, and two nine-passenger vans. USM clubs, departments, and organizations are welcome to borrow these vehicles for a small fee to do off-campus University business. After you fill out the Motorpool Request Form, call FM at (207) 780-4160 for more details or to reserve a vehicle.

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Portland METRO Bus    METRO Bus Passes & Discounts

USM students can purchase TenRide Tickets at the USM Parking and Transportation Office in the Parking Garage in Portland for a savings over purchasing individual fares. Visit the USM Parking Site to learn more about METRO discounts and offers for USM students!

There is a Route 4 METRO bustop at 25 Bedford Street on the Portland campus, and a Route 2 stop nearby on Forest Ave. Students and employees of the University can use the bus and other public transportation options to reach many destinations!

METRO is sustainable! METRO currently has 20 vehicles of its fleet that meet or exceed the rigorous 2010 Federal Emissions standards for air quality. Many of these buses run on clean domestic compressed natural gas (CNG) and METRO maintains one of the only CNG fueling and services stations in Maine. METRO just recieved a new batch of clean deisel buses which are more efficient and are equipped to trap particulate matter traditionally associated with diesel exhaust, reducing their emission of toxic materials to near zero.

METRO provides bus service to Portland, Westbrook, Falmouth and the Maine Mall area of South Portland with connections to South Portland City Bus, ZOOM, Intercity ShuttleBus, Concord Coach, Greyhound Bus, Amtrak/Downeaster, Portland Jetport and Casco Bay Lines. To learn more about their routes and services, visit METRO's website.

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