Sustainability at USM


A food service worker makes a pizza at the Woodbury Campus Center

USM honored with 2016 Environmental Protection Agency award for food recovery

For the fifth time in three years, the federal Environmental Protection Agency has honored USM's efforts to both reduce its food waste and wisely use the waste that remains. In 2015, USM recovered 5.5 tons more food than it did the previous year. And before the semester ended, the 2016 numbers seemed poised to break last year's record total of 71.3 tons of recovered food, food that was then composted or sent to nearby farms as animal feed.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installed at USM's Portland Campus

Now you can charge up on campus! USM has installed an electric vehicle charging station at the entrance to the Portland parking garage.

Ending Food Waste at USM

USM won the EPA Region 1 Food Recovery Challenge award for 2014 & 2015 by reducing the overall amount of food wasted on our three campuses.

Take a Bite Out of Campus: About USM’s Food Forest Garden

Located on the Portland campus outside of Payson Smith and Luther Bonney Halls, the USM Food Forest Garden is open to the USM community and the general public to stroll through and munch on any fruits that look ready to pick.

USM Featured in World Water Day Blog Post

The University's replacement of showerheads in Residence Halls and Athletic Facilities was included in a post by the Sustainable Endowment Institute for World Water Day on various inexpensive and effective water conservation projects on campuses.

USM Wins 2013 Grand eco-Excellence Award from ecoMaine

University of Southern Maine Assistant Director for Sustainable Programs Tyler Kidder and Resource Recovery Supervisor Steve Sweeney were chosen to receive the 2013 Community eco-Excellence Award for Gorham and, then, went on to win the Grand Award as best from 22 communities.

USM Receives Recycling Bin Grant to further recycling efforts during special events on campus

USM received 40 portable waste bins for use at special events around the Portland and Gorham campuses. Used at the Opening Breakfast in 2012, the bins reduced set-up time and, along with clear signage, increased the rate of waste that was recycled dramatically.

Coffee grounds collected and used in USM's gardens

USM has a new recycling program that diverts used coffee grounds generated on campus from the trash to the landscape. An estimated nine tons of grounds will be saved from the trash each year!