Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

OLLI Academic Calendar



OLLI Program Year 2014 - 2015

Spring term:

March 16, 2015 - May 8, 2015, Monday - Friday, including Thursday evening

9th Week Performance: TBA

SAGE: Tuesdays, March 17, 2015 - May 5, 2015


OLLI Program Year 2015-2016

Summer Term:
June 23rd – July 30th, 2015, Tuesday-Thursday
Make up: August 4-6

Fall Term:
September 14th- November 6th, 2015, Monday-Friday
Make up: November 9th-13th (Not Veterans Day)
SAGE: September 15th- November 3rd, Tuesday

Winter Term:
January 11th-February 19th, 2016, Tuesday-Thursday
Make Up: May 23rd -25th

Spring Term:
March 21st- May 13th, 2016, Monday-Friday
Make Up: 16th-20th
SAGE: March 22nd-May 10th, Tuesday



OLLI Program Year 2016-2017

Summer Term:
June 20th-July 28th, 2016, Tuesday-Thursday
Make up: August 4th-6th

Fall Term:
September 12th-November 4th, 2016, Monday-Friday
Make up: November 7th-10th (Not Veterans Day)
Sage: September 13th- November 1st, Tuesday

Winter Term:
January 10th-Feruary 16th, 2017, Tuesday-Thursday
Make up: February 21st-23rd

Spring Term:
March 20th-May 12th, 2017, Monday-Friday
Make Up: May 15th-19th
SAGE: March 21st- May 9th, Tuesday

OLLI Online Registration Website & Instructions

Jenzabar Landing Page

OLLI Online Registration Website & Instructions  

It's here!  The OLLI Online registration system is ready!  Summer class registration will open on May 12 at 10 am

Due to technical difficulties, summer class registration will open WEDNESDAY MAY 20 at 10 AM.


Enroll/Register click here


If you need assistance, here is a step-by-step set of instructions on how to register online.  The first set of instructions is for those that have an account already but need a refresher.  The second set of instructions is for those that do not have an account to set-up their online account for OLLI's new registration system and register.  It also explains that your 2015-2016 membership will automatically be added to your cart.

Step-by-step class registration instructions - have account (for those who have created an online registration account since November 17, 2014)

Step-by-step class registration instructions - need account (for those who are new to the online registration system)