Office of Marketing

Strategy Brief & Creative Timelines

Before your project kickoff meeting with the Office of Marketing & Brand Management, please reveiw and complete the below strategy brief. It will help you better communicate your project needs, and keep things organized and on track.

Strategy Brief

These Creative Timelines are to give a realistic time frame for standard print & email marketing projects. It will aid in your planning process, and help establish realistic deadlines. For Web & Social media projects, please contact the Office of Marketing & Brand Management directly at extension 4094 to discuss your project.

Creative Timeline for Print

Creative Timeline for Reprints

Creative Timeline for Email Marketing

Upcoming Lunch 'N Learns

Introduction to the New Online Template System

Thursday, 2/19, 12:00 – 1:00pm [NEW DATE]
427 Wishcamper, Portland campus
This session is for USM staff members to learn more about the Online Template upgrades happening in January. New users are welcome!