History Major

Picturing Maine: The Way Life Was on exhibit at the Gorham Art Gallery from September 17th-December 11th
Union Station Portland Maine
Women, Work, and Resistance in Film offered Spring 2016
Norma Rae with Union Sign
Visualizing Uncle Tom’s Cabin exhibit will be displayed through March on the 6th floor of Glickman Library
Uncle Tom's Cabin Exhibit


History majors and minors at USM become familiar with past knowledge, the forces of change and the varieties of historical scholarship that examine cultures and events across all times and places.  As they discover and organize facts, analyze evidence, and apply theory they learn to create meaningful explanations and narratives that support a well-rounded understanding of past human activity and its impact on the world of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Students who study History at USM can:

*engage in historical inquiry, research, and analysis.

*understand the dynamics of change over time.

*explore multiple historical and theoretical viewpoints that provide perspective on the past, and  recognize where they are in history.

*seek a variety of sources that provide evidence to support an argument about the past and develop a methodological practice for gathering, analyzing, and interpreting evidence.

*recognize and practice historical thinking as central to engaged citizenship in their application of historical knowledge and analysis to contemporary social issues and contemporary dialogue.

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Man Walking in Paris
A photo exhibition at the University of Southern Maine Art Gallery in Gorham presents the Maine of yesteryear, as seen through the eyes of photographers who documented Maine in the early part of the 1900s and helped create the image of the state as a tourist destination.
Professor Eileen Eagan's Portland Women's History Trail App, part of the Digital Maine MEIF grant, was recently featured in the Portland Forecaster.

History Internships: A Great Experience

Internships are a great way to help you apply knowledge learned in history courses while gaining the experience and skills needed to succeed in the workforce.  Learn more about internships with the History Department.

Recruiting MeMUNC Conference Planners!

MeMUNC Flyer

On Thursday, November 5th, 4:15pm, 402 Luther Bonney there will be an information meeting for MeMUNC Conference Planners. 

Reader's Theatre

UTC Flyer

Please join students from Professor Kent's classes for an evening of Reader's Theatre on Monday, Nov 16th, 5:45-7:30pm in 10 Bailey.