USM Faculty Commons

Call for Participation

To develop the Faculty Commons further, we need your help. 

There are many areas in which we encourage your participation.

If one of the areas below is of interest to you and you can contribute some time and effort, we welcome your participation. Some goals have a longer time horizon (like orientation) and others are short-term projects. 

  • Faculty Orientation: A robust, meaningful and staged (i.e., sort of a faculty development lifecycle) USM-wide faculty orientation that would be available in September 2014. I envision this to be a mix of online and face-to-face-delivered content (to envision such a thing see what the MGH Institute does LINK. I am looking for a small group of faculty, staff and administrators to participate (6 to 8 people). I would like to convene the group in  November and have a draft ready by April. If you are interested or have sample USM-related orientation materials to share, email me at
  • Guidelines for Use: Developing guidelines for using the Faculty Commons physical space. Learn more
  • Website: Making the Faculty Commons website as meaningful and useful as possible, identifying content, proposing resources to support faculty teaching, scholarship and service. Right now, we are using the Content Management System (CMS) for the Faculty Commons web presence which is public. In addition to contributing to our CMS site, eventually, we hope to be able to use the USM portal for internal communications, discussions, collaboration etc. I see this as an ongoing working group that will need a faculty leader.  We have some staff support for uploading/maintaining the website. If you are interested in being on this working group and/or leading it please let me know.
  • Programming--because of deadlines related to promotion and having a calendar available in advance, the fall programming is set and much of the spring programming has been planned. As the FC has gotten off the ground, several categories of programs have emerged:
  • Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activity Faculty Presentations
  • Research Presentations
  • Faculty Development Workshops
  • Orientation – Faculty Resources
  • Lunch & Learns
  • Panel Discussions
  • Seminars

As there are many ideas and many opportunities, we continue to welcome new ideas for new events, topics, and themes. Possible new programming run by faculty could include but are not limited to: “just in time” meetings to convene small groups to address immediate challenges, new research deadlines, etc., journal clubs, debates, and more.

I would like a co-leader(s) to work with me pulling ideas together and invite faculty who want to participate in planning 2014-15 programming. As with orientation, I would like to convene a group this fall in order to be ready for programming deadlines in early spring. Since programming can have budget implications, I want to be sure to have a clear sense of what is needed and wanted by you all so we can work to finding the programming resources to accommodate a full and relevant event lineup.  


Contact Me & Share Your Ideas

If you are interested providing feedback, volunteering, or getting involved in any other way with these above items or if there are other aspects you’d like to address, please complete the below form or email me at

I look forward to working with you all to continue to develop and advance USM Faculty Commons.


Rev. Judith A. Spross, PhD, RN, FAAN
Professor of Nursing, College of Science, Technology & Health
Coordinator, USM Faculty Commons Initiatives
University of Southern Maine